The history of Montepulciano has always been entwined with the fame of its vineyards and wines. Archaeological finds give evidence that wine has been produced and drunk since Etruscan times; in particular the discovery of a tall stemmed, low bowled wine cup or kylix decorated with red figures representing Baccus the Etruscan god of wine. So the history of Montepulciano's wines proves long and continuing.

At 350 metres above sea level "La Ciarliana" wine estate nestles in the heart of the ancient poliziano hills. It lies in the Ciarliana and Ascianello production area, a mongst vineyards which still yield the excellent wines celebrated near and far, for centuries. The viticultural farm belongs to Luigi Frangiosa who has expressed and demonstrated his passion for wine production since 1995. This passion started with his grandfather 50 years earlier and was inherited by Luigi through his father Santo Pellegrino. The vineyards of the family run estate dedicated to the production of Vino Nobile of Montepulciano have increased from 2 to 10 hectares together with 2 dedicated to Rosso di Montepulciano and 6 to Chianti, a total of 18. The vineyards, with a density of 4500 vines per hectare, have been planted following a careful geological and clonal study.

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